Velv.93 – Vollsma
Velv.93 – Vollsma

Velv.93 – Vollsma

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Label: Velv – Velv02
2 x Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Limited Release
Country: Sweden
Genre: Electronic
Style: Ambient, Experimental, Techno


"Vollsma is a metaphor for the world I end up in when I lucid dream.” - Velv.93

To understand electronic musics’ convention and its rules, is an aspiration many producers pursue. Persistence is a coherent theme in regards to making music. Attaining a musical identity is no easy feat, as it is fatiguing enough to create musical efforts. To create something of worth. Effort usually comes with the aim of rushing through it with the least possible resistance. In order to explore the depths in his sound, Velv.93 goes in another direction: lucid dreaming.

Velv.93 dedicated a phase of solitude to transcend into the sound of the album, which can be seen as a journal of Velv.93’s reflections. Defining a singular sound through an altered state is the foundation for what is ’Vollsma’.

This is a portrait of a period that was characterized by reflections of his inner self and isolation, something that can also be traced to the titles in the album. The experimental rhythms accord lightweight notes. Sceneries of synthesized sound and organic character. Sounds as small notations and detail, pull the listening experience further. Sometimes with a soothing immersive effect made for the calm mind.

Let the album guide you through a personal journey.
’Vollsma’ is a place where psychological experimentations and resulting thrilling dimensions are clear foundations.

A1 While Sleeping 1:12
A2 Vollsma 5:59
A3 October 5:29
B1 Inner Self 7:03
B2 Summer Of Solitude 6:01
C1 Aware 1:42
C2 Empty Room 5:12
C3 Happening 5:32
D1 Another Dream 5:45
D2 Blood Moon 5:17

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